Beta Banen Markt 2018

Hello Everyone!

As Leiden University master student who takes science based business (SBB) specialization, i am obliged to conduct an internship somewhere during my study program. The internship should be a typical full time job (not part time job such as being teaching assistant etc) lasting between 3 and 6 months in period. Moreover, it should be related to student’s main master program (for me is mathematics).

At the beginning, i was informed that i don’t have to worry seeking internship destination. Since the SBB staffs would regularly announce some internship opportunities to us. But, it turns out that most of them are coming from bio-chemistry science like drug companies. I therefore have to seek my own internship by myself.

I was in little panic back then, since i found myself not a Dutch student who originally knows the nature of everything here. I had no clue at all how to find and get engaged with any company for doing internship. Fortunately, the un-optimistic moment didn’t stay any longer. I was told by one Dutch friend (who is having the same MSc Math with SBB specialization) that the one thing i have to do is just coming to Beta Banen Markt.

So what is Beta Banen Markt?

Beta Banen Markt is an annual job / career event held by Leiden Faculty of Science. It features many companies which doing core business related to departments owned by Leiden Faculty of Science, such as bio-chemistry, IT, Math-Statistics, and Physics. For me, this event is mind-blowing, since i had no idea before that there are indeed many companies hiring a certain-specific mathematician, and utilize their science to do core business of the companies. They include various companies in quantitative research / consulting, and the hot science recently: big data analysis provider.

Beta Banen Markt 2018 was held on 21 March 2018 at the New Gorlaeus Building, after getting name-tag and goody-bag from registration desk, i got stumbled on some companies when i was walking around. I stopped in front of particular company-stand whenever i found the pi symbol showcased on their table, meaning that this company is opening some opportunities to math-statistics student. Besides the pi symbol, there were also double-helix figure (for bio-chemistry science), computer (IT), and others which i forgot. By this simple yet useful information, i could easily found my target company quickly.

In fact, Beta Banen Markt 2018 was not only offering company stand exhibition. It also provided other agendas such as speed-dating (instant interview) and workshop. It was very good and useful event. Last but not least, perhaps my most favorable thing of this event is its FREE registration fee. It does make this event is mandatory visit by any student, i think.

Thank You, Beta Banen Markt 2018!




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